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August 16, 2012


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Chicago Observer

Oh, Bill, hooray, hooray for Old Maid--recommended for all dads and daughters and granddaughters! It's a favorite game Barry plays with our granddaughters. He always does his best to end up the Old Maid, and the girls still scream with laughter after all these years! The oversized, well-worn deck rests on the coffee table as a fond memento of their visits. Rock on!

Chicago Observer

P.S. Maybe the kids would like Battleship, too?

Jennifer Stix

Love the images! I remember that old maid card.

There was the Mystery Date board game *1965 version* where the object was to open the door to hopefully find "Mr. Right" - a prim fellow in a white suit with brillcream stiff hair.

I always liked the "dud" so there you have it. Can't seem to find a picture of him. But he was kind of cute in a messy sort of way.

Your post inspires me to survey women friends to see which mystery date architype they remember liking and if their current partner possesses these characteristics ;-).

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I painted this old cupboard white using Porters milk paint but decided it was rather boring all white so I painted the door recesses a rather nice chocolate (yes its Cadburys brown!)

Walter Stevens

Thanks for posting this. It actually reminds me that I still need to search for a Chicago maid service to clean our house on weekends.

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