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March 28, 2012


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Yes Billy!
You should keep illustrating the relationship between Natalie and Diego. Seeing them interacting is a real joy now. Remember when Diego used to ignore his sister? Now he says that she's his best friend.
Love you!
E :)

Janet M

Sweet story.

Joan Chandler

This reminds me of the detective story you wrote using Miro when he was a baby. It was great! You should make it a series, and make room for Miro.
Joan Chandler


I remember that you started making these drawings with Miro many years ago. He was about 8. I treasure some of the ones that you turned into books. It's great that you started this tradition because now Natalie is doing it and she's 8. We now have a family tradition. Too bad that you couldn't see the one that Natalie made specially for Miro. We sent it to him 2 weeks ago. The title was: How to Write a Story. She was encouraging Miro to write a story about the accident that he had.
See you soon!
Elsi :)


a day only has so many minutes, but your blog is so compelling.

Teresa Doyle

Dear Mr. Horberg,
You and you wife Elsa Mora and your two beautiful children, are a real joy to read about. As an art therapist, neuropsychologist who works with autistic kids and former patient-blogger during my own recovery from surgery, I have explored your blog with interest and enjoy your humor, taste in art, cartooning abilities, and your kind generosity in sharing your observations on your life and experiences with the public.
Best wishes to you and your family.
Terry Doyle

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