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October 25, 2011


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"Tired of being mobbed by the screaming high school fans, Bill decided to try a new approach."

"A rare photo of Alan Smithee hard at work."


"Try as they might, men in their 50's never look that good in cargo shorts."

Colleen (bcharmer)

"Does this hat make my head look fat?"
"I think this would look great on Lady Gaga"
"This invisibility cloak would be great if I could see out of it."


John A

"Coppola makes this look just so cool when he does it..."


"My beret is in here somewhere..."

Janet M

Unable to afford a proper tent and unsure as to the exact location of Wall St., a lonely protester maintains a vigil.

Janet M

I forgot to say "Cool beans! You're directing".

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1. I can't find that little extra button that comes with this jacket!!!

2. I didn't want to share my ice cream with anybody so I ate it solo under my tent.

3. This is one of the ways you can pick your nose without being seen.


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That was so old school. It's the art of it that matters.

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