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June 13, 2011


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that diego, what a kidder

Snippety Gibbet

Hehehehe.... I can just picture the game in my head and it is exhausing. The illustrations and descriptions are a hoot.

Elsita :)

Go Diego go!!


I think I'm a bit more jealous of your location scouting in Guadeloupe than I am of your fielding for Diego, but I might have to give the latter a try sometime, anyway! I hope you're using a foam ball!

גני אירועים

I have the roman candlestick was to location the soccer tennis ball in the glove and carry his biceps out in a corner and rewrite quicker and quicker until the soccer tennis ball rocketed out of the glove in whatever route it was directed when the centrifugal power took over firing out like a roman candle firecracker.

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hahaha it was so nice to read the austistic baseball descriptions and to stare at the cute drawings, very nice indeed!

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