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May 16, 2011


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Painfully funny!

I like this one, too:

A producer, a director and a PA are looking at props, when suddenly a Genie appears from an old lantern in the director's hand. Happy to be free, the Genie says he will grant each of them one wish.

The ecstatic PA says, "I want to be alone on a tropical island with a beautiful woman and all the food I will ever need!" POOF! He disappears!

The director says, "I can do better than that! I want to be in my own tropical paradise with a harem of women, a solid gold palace, and servants catering to my every whim!" POOF! He disappears!

The Genie turns to the producer and says, "What about you?"

The producer answers, "I want those assholes back here in five minutes."


oh im speechless.
Its an incredibly funny story. I was in stitches especially about the part when the director says "i did it, i did it all by myself".

Im taking steps to becoming a producer and am so thankful that you have illuminated what the price of the life that I will be choosing to live and Im glad that you love your job because it is such a huge encouragement.


So right!
From the beginning to the end :)

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