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February 09, 2011


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I was just thinking I should take a few tips from this writer and pen out some snail mail letters to a few dear friends. What penmanship indeed!


Janet M

I looked up "grass widow" and found that this is a woman who is divorced or separated, a woman who's husband is temporarily absent, an abandoned mistress, or a single mother. I wonder which one the writer meant by this! I do love her observation "I like pen writing best".


Doesn't this make you long for the days of such correspondence? There is something about lingering prose, about beginning a letter by "setting the scene" for the reader, describing storms, romances, and pen portraits, about being in no rush to say anything terribly important, as the letter itself will be a great source of entertainment and every word likely perused and cherished until another is received.

It makes me want to go out and purchase some lovely stationary and resurrect the art form myself.

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