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January 26, 2011


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Janet M

It's interesting the flotsam of life that we collect along the way. What was clear to the original possessor is now enigmatic to us. In talking about art, I saw a recent e-mail that said "It was my way of being rich without having money." Perhaps that is also what these letters represent.


This is a deep poem (and sad) .
I think that It's about the loss of innocence.
The part that says:
But now with all the faults I see
There no such happiness for me

reminds me of what I felt when I stopped idealizing the adults around me at age 12 more or less. Before that I thought that adults were all right and children were all wrong. Now that I am an adult I realize that it's pretty much the other way around.

Alex Mora

sad poem. I love the last part.
I agree with Elsa.

Quotes About Happiness

Despite our losses and mistakes, we have to move on, or else we will forever be stuck in the past and in pain.

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