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January 31, 2011


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Is it "Uncle Doug"? This is so interesting. It's making me think about all of the old letters I have and what will become of them someday when I am gone. Have you thought of researching this family on


This is so interesting Billy.
I would also love to see the magazine with the drawings.
I hope that you can find it in the box!


Fascinating! Now that we are suddenly in the age of instantaneous reunions and possibly the eradication of losing touch with someone ever again, it almost mesmerizes me to think of this process of writing a letter after years of separation, sending it to the last viable address in your memory, and vaguely hoping it will find its way into the hands of the intended.

I don't know why it seems touching and nostalgic and a little sad, all at once.

margie oomen

catching up on these fascinating letters this morning I took one quick glance at this letter and the flow of the cursive , one word into the next and thought to myself this person is an artist

Janet M

I live in Colorado Springs and had never heard of Motor Route 3, so I researched this. It was north of town in a rural area, out by where the Air Force Academy is today.

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