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January 24, 2011


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Writing letters, oh how I miss writing the long, very long ones in which I wanted to tell everything. And than the waiting, hoping each day for a replay and the thrill to see the mailman stopping at my door.

Times gone by.


William, acabo encontrar su blog gracias a un link de Elsita. Adoré su Caja de Tesoros, las cartas son preciosas y conmueve su humanidad, lo mismo los comentarios que usted hace. Creo que daré vueltas por este sitio viendo que tesoros nos muestra. Gracias.

Alex Mora

I remember when I was a child getting in our grandpa's chevrolet 1954 that was parked in the garage and pretending we were traveling around the world, we were all dressed up with hats, scarfs, glasses and our grandmother's clothes and even with some luggage!, we collected little pencils and pretended there were cigarettes, we thought smoking was more mature and sexy like in the old movies.... This was happening around 1980, the car was already a little old! but in very good condition, it was our pride, the only ones in our block with a car back them! I have great memories from my childhood!
Bill, I love the letters! Evelyn


evelyn - i love the way people in Cuba maintained their ancient cars with so much care and ingenuity. you and elsa have such great stories of what it was like growing up there at that time. i wish we had a box full of letters from your parents and grandparents generation - how much history would they contain!

Alex Mora

You are right Bill, I do have so many stories about growing up in Cuba and I have to say I was fortunate that in the middle of everything that was going on politically and with the economy our family, specially my grandparents on my mother side, made everything special for us! My grandfather was a very serious man; he was a dentist and education was very important for him; if you didn't know him you would think he was kind of a mean grumpy white coat person! on the contrary he had so much love for us, that you needed to do everything right for him and never disappoint him, I remember him going with me to every where I played the violin. When I started dating Alex, he told me :"mija, do you think he can support you with those two wooden sticks" (Alex played the drums and was always with the "baquetas" in his back pocket) hahaha... too many memories.

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