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November 22, 2010


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we really needed those office supplies! and am home in Chi digging those CD's I found... :) glad you are back where the world needs you- making great movies !


Big thumbs up on reaching another milepost along the road back, WH. Make the most of that new crispness in your perspective, and keep on keepin' on!


The man is back!
And it happened a lot faster than I expected.
I cannot believe that you're already driving around this city, Billy.
You're one of the strongest people I know.
I'm learning a lot from your, as always :)

Snippety Gibbet

What a bizarre experience. Glad to hear that you are getting around again.


You should have left out some sewing. I'm sure the elves and winged ones would have left it in a neat pile for you. Too they're not down with the bill paying.
Have you mentioned Flim Flam Man before? Because for the last month or so I have been using that term, and I am wondering if I picked it up here. If not, then cue the Twilight zone intro! :)
Glad you are back amongst the stuff of life.

Janet M

I'm glad that you're up and about and feeling well enough to go back to work. Flim-Flam will be an interesting movie.


i can agree with the write-up

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