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October 25, 2010


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Janet M

This book is fantastic! Well done, Diego.

Colleen (bcharmer)

Oh my goodness; this is so fabulous I have tears. Go Diego!! I think Tina Fey would be so moved by this!


I'm loving how Diego's mind is becoming more and more creative every day! He's taking elements from here and there and giving them new meanings, it's totally original and it's his own creation. Every day these creations are more coherent. I think that his brain is developing so much now that he started Kindergarten!
You rock Diego!!
Mom :)


Diego is awesome. Tina Fey wishes she wrote that book!
I once had a French roommate who, when she was bored, would say, "I am being so boring!"
Of course we never corrected her. It was too funny.


I love this so much. What a great start to my day. Thanks Diego (and Bill).

Alex Mora

Love it!


Fantastic! Love the ears on that little guy.

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