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October 13, 2010


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I loved TINTIN Adventures too when i was young and Hergé made it look so easy with his minimalist drawing style. I fell in love with drawing when i read his comics in my childhood in Morocco, i wanted to be a comic book artist just like Hergé, to tell amazing stories with beautiful drawings. i started making my own comics for family and friends and discovered soon enough the lonely side of being a comic artist. That led on to my desire of being a filmmaker, tell those stories with moving images, and here i am many years later, i just finished my first Moroccan feature film for cinema called MAJID and which has been selected for the upcoming Dubai International film festival (December 2010). Majid is the name of the ten years old orphan boy, the main character of the film. So thanks Hergé!;-)


I love this post. Especially, the first picture, which looks just like what I see every day at my house!

 Elsita :)

Billy, I love the last lines in this post. a pen and ink and a line at a certain angle and a dash of color could transport one from a Belmont Avenue brownstone to another universe...

Isn't it amazing?


This brings back memories. My father's friends would bring us these books as well as Uderzo & Goscinny's Asterix & Obelix. They were of course, in French, so I would 'read' them by looking at the pictures and imagining what was being said.

Also, I never knew Tintin was pronounced Tantan...that's kind of sad to learn but then again, I still don't speak French. :)

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