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October 04, 2010


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a few weeks ago 5 of us were strolling end of summer past the old sandburg site and reminiscing about the ting a ling and the clark and of course the old jazz showcase in the basement of the happy medium - good time indeed!


Loved this post!

My parents were friends with the owner of the Clark Theater - Bruce Trinz. I believe the theater was opened by his father or grandfather. He was an incredible guy, who had an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema....The Clark was an odd/scary/intriguing place. The day before I was supposed to take an "entrance exam" at Latin (a wednesday, if I remember correctly), my mother and I went to the Clark and watched a Beatles film festival Bruce had put together (Hard Day's Night, Help, Yellow Submarine, and even the depressing Let It Be. The only other patron was an old man who was getting some shut eye. I still have the lobby card for "Let It Be" that Bruce gave me a couple of nights later when he and his wife came over for dinner....I'll always remember him fondly for trying to convince my parents to buy his rusty, blue Carmen Ghia for $100 to give me as a 16th birthday present. Unfortunately my father said "no thanks."

After selling the Clark, Bruce and some investors re-opened a theater (in Old Orchard, I think)as an alternative/art-house theater --.

...I do seem to remember a former classmate who ran the fabulous Sandburg Theater for a time;-)


Well, I don't know nothin' 'bout Chi Town, but I you have inspired me to go here tonight and sit around on grotty couches drinking Italian sodas with a bunch of other gigglers and snickerers.

Thank god for these guys:

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