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October 27, 2010


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Howard A. Rodman

I share your enthusiasm for Night Moves.

Here's Harry Moseby, speaking of his father whom he never met:

Well, you know, l was really pretty proud of myself. The way l tracked him down. I followed all the clues. Followed him from job to job, city to city. l finally found him in Baltimore. Some rooming house on Hibiscus Avenue. Went up to the door. There was a little card there. Had his name on it. Somebody pointed him out to me. He was in a park on a bench, sitting there. Just a little old guy... Reading the funny pages out of the paper. Mouthing the words with his lips. l just sat there for a while and watched and then went away.


I love "Mickey One" and "Alice's Restaurant", and till now, did not realize they were both directed by the same man. What an amazing career.


"Bonnie and Clyde" had a indelible impact on me when I watched it at age 13 or so. I still shudder at the thought of that final bullet scene. What a brilliant movie that was.

I listened to a snippet of Terry Gross' interview with Arthur Penn when I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks ago:

I didn't realize until that interview that he was Irving Penn's brother.

I love how you had the chutzpah to invite Penn and Ebert to your film festival without worrying about the logistics for bringing it all to reality. What a memorable evening that must have been.

R. Reagor

I just recently watched Bonnie & Clyde for the 1st time last year and I was blown away. If you add that work with The Miracle Worker, it's easy to say that Penn was one of the great directors of his time.

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