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September 01, 2010


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Hang in there Billy!
You will se how your upper body will forgive your foot and vice-versa after they go together through this first stage in the recovery process. One day all the parts of your body will be best friends again. Just let the boss (your brain) mediate in any kind of conflict between the guys. Poor brain, it must be exhausted!
Missing you!
Elsi :)


Ah, but conflict is at the heart of all great drama. :)


I am amazed that through all this you can make others smile. That is the true you coming thru and will help you heal faster! I hope something or the skype talks with the family make you smile!


You and Elsa make me smile,
Diane comment was funny too!

God Bless You and Yours!!!


When I had spine surgery, my legs were practically kicking to go run a marathon, while my back was a giant lead weight holding me down. It is amazing when the two stop fighting and learn to work together! Until then, enjoy the ice-boot! (sounds like something from Batman & Robin vs the Penguin!)


Beautifully illustrated; like two siblings fighting for attention.

Still sending healing thoughts...


Aqua therapy! + some jethro tull and medical mari jane ought to help

Colleen (bcharmer)

Sounds like the healing process is in full swing. Glad to hear it.

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