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August 18, 2010


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I am going to start using some of these quotes...for it is us that makes the beef

that one might come in handy when trying to impress some new friends


Ha--if you are a literary sub-cretin, then I feel myself to be in good company.

And I agree, I'd like a word with Mr. A.C. Palmer myself...what exactly I would say to him, I'm not quite sure. But something about the very notion of this quiz and the way it was so politely introduced makes me yearn for the days of yore...days during which I wasn't even alive, but somehow yearning for them nonetheless.

This makes me want to construct my own literary quiz.

p.s. my score: recognized ten of the authors, and was only able to identify poor little Tiny Tim's quote as well.

also--loved the cartoon caption. I often entertain such thoughts while perusing the library or bookstore, looking for something good to read.

Robert S

My literary IQ is very poor. I recognized only 5 authors. However, within the quotes I found the surname Bianchi. I believe that is the origin of the name used for a major character in many books authored by the great fiction writer Stuart Woods. His work is very entertaining, but may not be remembered in blogs 61 years from now.


FAIL. That was my score, yes I too recognized C. Dickens and Tiny Tim (now forever in my head as a tulip loving singer) but that was it. :)


Hah. I only recognized 7 of the authors. And the Dickens quote. So, I guess I'm a mere half a sub-cretin!

I love the cartoon... hilariously depressing.

I bet your readers would score higher on a quiz of last lines from films.

Janet M

This was a fun test of how time passes things by, and perhaps on the ephemeral nature of literary fame? I got 3 quotes, as I liked Ambrose Bierce, Kipling and Dickens. I've heard of 12 of the authors. I think we would possibly do better on last lines from films.

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