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August 09, 2010


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you are too hard on the guy. anyone who suggest that people match their demeanor with their outfit is my kind a guy.


wow, what a winner. I'm stuck reading all the rest of his memo's now. Thanks for sharing!


Here's another great one:


I love the one about idle conversation. "DO YOUR JOB AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!"


I loved Jack Lemmon in "Save the Tiger". And "The Apartment" and even those silly sex comedies he did in the 60's, and naturally, or unnaturally! "Some Like it Hot". His affair with Osgood? Surely, an affair to remember. :)


Yeah, I actually think he's got a good point and those are good expectations to have for ones employees. I was a supervisor at one time and this is exactly what I said to my my head! ha!

Today, in my own office, the bosses can't even, in the most respectful tone, inform certain employees of what they are doing wrong and how to correct it in the future without said employees whining that their boss is "being mean to them". We have raised a generation of lazy, whiny brats.

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