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August 28, 2010


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Elsita :)

I am so extremely happy to read your first post-trauma post.
I thought that it was going to take longer. This is a wonderful sign of how well you're recovering. I know that it's still very hard and painful, but as Bruce R. said in his letter to you: be very present, be here, now and do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. You need all of your energy to be put into your recovery. Everything else will be fine because I will take care of it.

I'm getting so many calls from so many people that love you and care about you. I wish that I was able to return each call but they're too many.
I love you with all my heart Mr. Houdini!

margie oomen

You don't know just how happy I am to "hear" from you Bill. In fact tears of joy are welling up in my eyes. I have just recently heard an interview on public radio with the author of the book The Sound of a WIld Snail Eating, Elizabeth Bailey. First I thought to myself I could have written that book but then learning more of her illness and long lengths of time spent in her bed with only a garden snail ( a gift from a friend) as her companion, I thought otherwise.
A reviewer wrote this "The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey is a healing book. While a woman recovers from a life-threatening condition she has the time and patience to observe one small wild snail. Her thoughts, research, and experiences help her, and us, to heal our damaged relationship with the world of nature. The result of careful and heartfelt observation of even the smallest bit of life can not only enrich a life but also find and give life anew. This book is the perfect gift for anyone recovering from a set-back or in need of inspiration. I love how Elizabeth, while appreciating the small things of life, also brings in haiku. Perfect."
I wish your healing to be speedy and that you arrive home soon to be with your very special family.




I'm grateful to hear that you are recovering.... amazing grace...and so hard to be away from home and family. our love is with you. heal well... carol


It is so great to see you write - seems like a major step after what you have been and are going through. I read both Elsa's and your blogs and have been continually sending positive energy and thoughts for healing and patience. I know the family will be so much happier when you are back at home. Until then remember to breathe and that each step will bring you closer.


Bill, you remarkable man, you take this horrifying thing that has happened to you and turn it into a positive message that you share unconditionally with the world! We are the lucky ones. You are the very heart of wonderful.

We're thinking about you so much, and are greatly relieved that you are writing here already.

John Arends

Bill - So shocked to hear about your terrible fall, and yet, to hear about it directly from you, via the blog, your inimitable voice still vital and intact, is uplifting in the extreme. So glad the angels lent their wings when needed most. Get well soon.

Among the many pulling for you from afar, intently!


So glad to see your inspiring
blog entry this morning!

The greatest healing therapy is friendship
and love.~Hubert Humphrey



Dear Bill,
Just when I'm starting to catch up on my blogging activities, I see Elsa's post about you on my Google Reader. I'm so sorry you had this serious accident and I'm amazed that you were able to write this lucid post.

I raced through Elsa's post and failed to grasp that you injured your pelvis too. I guess you are not part cat after all. I think you have to polish your Houdini act and your Elvis impersonation will have to be put on ice too.

Please heal swiftly; your loving family awaits you.


All the best for a speedy recovery and safe trip home. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

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