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August 28, 2010


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Bill, We are glad to hear from you! And sorry that you have to got through this, but knowing you, you will make something real and lasting for all of us from your experience. Maybe that book just gets fast tracked. :) Best to you, Diane

Mary Molinaro

Bill, we are pulling for you here in Kentucky. What a horrific experience but what a gift that you are alive and will be reunited with your family. So good that Elsa's brother is coming. Sending healing energy your way, Joe and Mary

Joan Chandler

Your creativity and sensitive soul remain intact and will endure.


I follow both of blogs and it is good to see you posting. Such a scary fall and so glad you survived. Hard to be away from home and family when you are hurt. Good you have support there and Elsa's brother will soon be there. I hold good thoughts for your speedy recovery.

Janet M

Wow what a horrifying experience, I am so glad that you made it through. I broke an ankle a few years back (9 screws and a plate) and I too recall how wonderful it was to be able do a little thing, like taking a shower. Life shrinks down around the pain, and you realize the many blessings that are in our lives. Hang in there, we're all wishing for a speedy recovery.


I am sending lots of good positive and healing energy your way. I am wishing you a speedy recovery and hope that you can come home to your family soon!

sarah vazquez

Bill, I have been following your blog and Elsita's too. I am so glad that you are recovering and most importantly that you are keeping your spirits up! With the wonderful support you have from your family and friends; next thing you know you will be home again.

mitch sisskind

bill -- i'm shocked to learn about your accident. i hope and trust you are getting excellent care and will be in top shape soon. good luck and hope to see you back in LA.



May you go from strength to strength in the healing process. I think that being able to write about it is a wonderful, positive sign (and a treat for your regular readers, of whom I am one).


(From a long-time lurker and fan in Sydney, Australia)

Jean Dpnahue

Dear Bill,
I know your mother, who has asked for that our loving thoughts and prayers be directed toward you. I am with all your friends who are confident that you will make the most of this experience.
Oliver Sacks, the great neurologist who wrote Awakenings and other marvelous books had a similar trauma and surgery. He wrote a memoir of his experience in A Leg To Stand On. This experience led him to see his life in a new way. He chose to see himself as a neurologist who would be working toward a neurology of the soul. His short memoir is profound and I highly recommend it. See
My best to you and yours. Jean Donahue

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