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August 06, 2010


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Snippety Gibbet

As an elementary art teacher, I LOVE it!!!!! How cool is that?????

I sent this link to Elsa a while back. This post is about a student of mine who has autism. He is such a cool artist.


diego, i want some cheese juice too - right now i am drinking a blackberry, pomegranate, cherry and peach concoction but I am sad because I want to put some cheese it it and I don't have the machine you made.

Elsita :)

It's amazing how our little man is absorbing the world around him. He has the most original ideas. I think that he's going to be an artist. maybe natalie and him will make a great creative team as adults!
And now I have to go because Diego, Natalie and I are going to Whole Foods for more fruits and vegetables :)

margie oomen

i love cheese so cheese juice would be amazing
perhaps diego is a chef of the molecular gastronomy school

Colleen (bcharmer)

This post made my day! HOORAY, Diego! Hooray for Cheese-Juice!

Alex Mora

I am very proud of you Diego!!!!
Tia Evelyn


He has such an imagination!!

I love my juicer! It has helped me
when waiting for results of tests
some years back when I had some
stomach issues. It eased the pain.
The swelling went down.

I watched a DVD titled, RAWSOME! with
Brigitte Mars & Tom Pfeiffer and really
didn't realize how simple it was to make
your own almond milk and cheese.

I also have a book called the Uncook
Cookbook that mentioned a family back
in the depression that lived off of
potatoes. The only one that survived
was the little girl in the family who's
daily chore was to take out and toss the
peelings, but instead she ate them.

God Bless Diego and You and Yours!!!


PS. If you go to my blog you can
look up April 2010 in archives &
find a link to Raw Family which
has green smoothie recipes that
Elsa might be interested in or
just look up Raw Family on the
internet. A link should come up.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

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