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July 26, 2010


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I love the illustration of Times Square! Who is it credited to?


The cover illustrator was Tom Funk, also a frequent New Yorker contributor. His wife also painted some of the more memorable covers for The New Yorker and you can see examples of her work here:


Royal exiles at large? (Umberto, darling, it's been ages!) Esoteric prose? Suffocatingly inside humor? Information relevant to an elite few??

Back off, Darwin--this is my kind of intellectual cocktail.

Just ask Buddy, my pet dodo.



I bet that if you could get the rights to reprint some of these images you collect, you could remake them into a pretty interesting and sale-able $$ cocktail table book/postcards/posters

mad men craze and all.

some of these images are gorgeous - I have seen people blow them up to large format - just a thought for you and your enterprising lot over in lala land


Thank you for the info. Personallly, what knocks me out is that they had their apartment photographed by Andre Kertesz. Wow. He is in my pantheon of gods, to be sure.

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