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July 12, 2010


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Very sweet. Congratulations, Diego! We are honored to know a bit about your life and your hard earned triumphs through your dad. We are all pulling for you. :)

Joan Chandler

Another great moment in the remarkable life of sweet, sweet Diego. And remember, it's the total patience and perseverance of Bill and Elsa that make these moments happen.

Joan Chandler

Elsita :)

We're so proud of you little man!
I knew that one day you were going to be back in the movie theater.
You made it happen a lot sooner than I thought.
Go Diego!
Mom :)


I read the first sentence and thought, "How is this even possible?" Then I realized Diego had hijacked your blog and was at the controls...

Diego--happy birthday! Five is a great year. You are just the cutest little guy ever and I'm so glad you had a wonderful day. The part about the chocolate cupcake made me smile. Very well done to you and your dad.


Frances Archer

Congratulations Diego. I'm so glad you got to see a movie in the theatre. I think sometimes it is too loud myself, especially previews.

mary molinaro

Awww. I love this post. Good for you Diego! So happy for you.

Love to the whole family from your KY friends.

John Arends



I love the chocolate cupcake! This is a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing with us Diego and thank you Bill for letting Diego take over your blog! It is great to hear a happy story and I hope all is going ok for your family right now. My thoughts are with Elsita and her brother.


I am so glad that Diego liked the movie...I did too! I loved that the Bank of Evil was formerly known as Lehman Brothers (yes, I was the only one who laughed in the theater). I saw it with all the kids that I was on vacation with (and the only adult); our catchphrase for the week was, "it's so fluffy!" LOVED it and I'm glad that Diego was able to experience the movie theater with a great movie!

Janet M

Happy Birthday Diego! Congratulations on conquering your fears, you're a very brave boy.

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