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June 30, 2010


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I think the simple answer would be the one who made it. But since it is a parable. The one who made it could teach the others how to make a flute, the one who plays could teach the others how to play the flute. Of course that leaves the poor one without something to teach. So what is the answer?


My first thought was that they should find somebody who doesn't know what a flute is and give it to them.

I read it to the kids, and they answered without hesitation: Diego says give it to the one who plays flute, Ruben says the one who made it should keep it, and if Julio could talk, I bet he'd say give it to the guy who doesn't have anything to play with!

This is a great parable. I bet people have strong opinions about this one. I think they should share the flute.


I suppose as an artist, I'm inclined to think it's the one who made it. But making things and not giving them away looses much of the beauty of making something in the first place.

Thanks for the thoughtful parable.

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