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June 18, 2010


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margie oomen

this makes me recall my third daughter bekki wanting to be an space explorer when she was a very young girl. She dreamed of living on the space station and even drew pictures of how her space room would be decorated. Now she is heading to the east coast to continue her studies in the effects of global warming on dna plasticity in sea birds and fish. Who knows one day she may get her childhood dream.


My husband and I discovered only about three years ago that we both are huge fans of David Bowie's "Man Who Fell To Earth". We're still trying to figure out how this little nugget of truth escaped us for twenty years.

These graphic images of space travel are gorgeous. Do you have any of them framed in Diego's room?

My daughter was a sight reader for years until I took her to Stanford for dyslexia therapy (or whatever politically correct term they wished I used). I'm not sure she ever became a phonetic reader but she's doing well in college. Thank goodness.

It is often challenging for preschoolers to make transitions.
Sudden changes between tasks stress out preschoolers to the
point of melt down.

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