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June 21, 2010


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Elsita :)

Billy, I am so glad that you had the chance to be part of that effort to bring different cultures together. I think that not many people know about this kind of work that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences does.
I'm looking forward to see where you guys are going next.
Elsi :)


My dad died on Father's Day. I wrote a bit about him here:

Thank you for showing an appreciation and interest in his not-very-famous, but interesting, good and creative life. :)


P.S,-My dad's story of the middle east was from his time in Oran, while in the Navy. One day my dad was walking down the street and saw a guy wearing his sheets with his name, Dudley Harvey, running down the back. The locals stole them to wear.
Trust me, it was a lot funnier when he told it.


I respect how you make it a priority to bring these cultures together.

I am helping a Muslim classmate of mine with her son's wedding. I am enjoying learning bits and pieces of their culture, religion, and their lands.


You're doing such good work for the world! I'm sure that impact of this type of diplomatic mission reaches at least as many people as any other political conference. It's good to know that the Academy is doing this kind of thing, and that they're choosing you to represent them.

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