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June 05, 2010


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Aww! Well thank you! Everyday I wonder what new thing I will learn from visiting your blog. I know it can be hard work running one of these so I thank you for taking the time! And behind every commenter is surely several more who quietly read without saying anything.

Have a great day!


Thanks for the shout out. You are the most grounded person in Hollywood, I suspect. I love the fact that I come here and I am introduced to something new to me.
You keep writing. We'll keep reading, OK? :)


It is with great pleasure that I start off most of my weekday mornings with a large cup of coffee and a few of my very favorite blogs . Reading yours has been part of my continual education.


Your blog is lousy with intellect, good writing, and a slightly offbeat sense of humor.

My continual thanks for that...


Hmm, curious. I know I wrote a comment here when this post was first published. I must have popped out of the window before my comment posted.

What did I say? 100,000 reasons to say congratulations! Thank you for sharing your world with us, Bill.

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