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May 14, 2010


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Sounds like Milo will be buying thermal socks. Amazing that you ran into Elsa there. :)

Elsita :)

The place looks great Billy!
I am looking forward to many visits over there.
In the first 2 pictures Miro really looks like one of the students over there.
I still cannot believe that he will be going to college next year!
And I cannot believe that one of my photographs was there.
Elai :)

Alex Mora

it's a small world!
I love the greens arounfd the place.

margie oomen

i can totally believe elsa's art was hanging in her office
after all it is hanging in my office!!!
Your first child going off to university,
I remember that day very oh so well and now only one out four left to send off into the wide wide world.


I think Miro chose a wonderful place to get his education. It looks like a good umbrella and Hunter rain boots will be mission-critical accessories for the next four years.


Oh dear, my daughter just walked in and read over my shoulder. She tells me that no self-respecting guy wears Hunter rain boots unless he plans to work on a farm. I had no idea that they are strictly a fashion statement for girls. It's a mine field out there!

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