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May 24, 2010


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My mom used to tell me this story as a child, only the man with the flat tire spotted the light of a farmhouse off in the his intent was to actually borrow a jack. Along the way he imagines (projects?) every selfish and annoyed reaction the farmer might display until, when he finally reaches the farmhouse door and it opens, he splutters, "You can borrow your own @*%$ jack!"

(of course her expletive was as mild as they come)...

Anyway, whenever any of us kids would get negative or foreboding about a future event or someone's reaction, she'd always ask us, "Would you like to borrow a jack?"

And now I say the same thing to my own kids.

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It is an incredible story, I found it so inspirational.

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I find it so reassuring that am not the only human out there over the age of
20 who doesn't know this kind of stuff! Time to learn *about all of it*.

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