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May 05, 2010


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How bout a flickr group?


Wow, these photos are amazing. I like the idea of just finding photos, and not realizing they were from a film. That makes them all the more mysterious.

John Arends

Bill, these are FANTASTIC images! Timeless, as only b/w can cast them so...Is there a DVD of the series out there?

And maybe it's the poet in me, but whenever I see images like this, I HEAR something too, a bit of the story, a small riff or phrase about the place, the moment...a conditioned reflect, no doubt, created by those masters from the 1940s and on...

On that tangent - would love it someday if you ventured into that incredible cranium of yours and wrote a post or two about what makes Chicago blues uniquely, well, Chicago blues...

Sorry to get greedy,, you ask for it when you post such evocative, tasty creative...


Beautiful and provocative!

Elsita :)

These are great photos Bill, you should start a flickr account.
I agree with Diane.
Love U :)

Janet M

Beautiful photos, they are so enigmatic.

Dominic Minghella

Beautiful Bill.

Kate G.

Bill, don't you think the series is due a second release? I imagine it would be a juggernaut to steer into a box, but the cast line up coupled with the photos and the text would do any noir fan's library proud.

PS Lucky you to have the work of some of the best shooters in the business on that project.


I love using film. I just started using film just a few months ago after discovery some blogs of film photographers. There is something so wonderful in this digital age of shooting a photo and having to wait to see it. I get excited as I wait for my photos to get back from the lab. I just started a new blog, just a few months ago and all I use are photos from my film cameras. I'm not a professional, but I'm having a lot of fun learning.


Can't express how thilled I am to see these gorgeous photos. More, please!!

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