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May 12, 2010


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I considered the U of O back in the day; they were interested in offering me a basketball scholarship. However, my parents had certain preconceived notions regarding a college education and sports...something to the effect that the two were mutually incompatible. So I went off to Carleton University and worked as a page in the House of Commons instead. Because we all know the very serious approach to life one gains through the political experience.

Have a wonderful trip with your son...Eugene is lovely.

John Arends

Be sure to pack -- and wear, as you accompany your son, who'll certainly appreciate it -- a pair of inch-wide fluorescent yellow workmen's suspenders, preferably over something equally green! I had a similar experience to Kirsten, above, as I was recruited in the mid-70's by the Ducks for a gymnastics scholarship. The coach, Bill Ballister, gave my dad and me a campus tour wearing above said suspenders, plus matching tie and emerald green blazer. That's all I remember about the campus!

Gorgeous country, and sincere, almost midwesternly nice people at every turn.

Enjoy the timeless parental passage, for all its emotional swings and delights!

Elsita :)

I have never been there but everybody says that it's beautiful.
I hope that you guys have a great time!
E :)

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