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April 14, 2010


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Wonderful! Congrats. I think Chris Rock should have "really entrepreneurial cat" printed on his business cards. It's a money-maker, as I am sure the film will be. You guys have my $8.50. :)

John Arends

Great shots, especially the last one -- "entrepreneurial cat greets hep cat." Will be munching popcorn under the Wonderful Films banner this weekend. You had me when the trailer went wide on the blog!

Elsita :)

Billy, you forgot to mention that you were also involved in the british version of Death at a Funeral, which I love so much! This american version is sooo funny. Get ready to laugh, laugh, laugh! CONGRATULATIONS!
Elsi :)


I had a friend when they heard about this movie cry out, "but this movie just came out! Why would they remake it so soon?" They were upset out of misplaced solidarity to the first movie. :) So I set them (I hope) straight, saying, "I believe one of the people who worked on the original worked on the new one, so you'd be supporting them by seeing the new version." That turned them around. I look forward to seeing it!


Congratulations! I can't wait to see it. I think Chris Rock is the funniest and most intelligent comedian today.

Snippety Gibbet

You had a hand in that???????? Too cool! I laugh every time the commercials for that air on tv. I can hardly wait to see it.


margaret Oomen

I am in need of a good laugh so when it hits the local theatre I will be there.
Congatulations Bill!!

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