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March 17, 2010


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Every Friday night was old movie night at my college in Massachusetts. I saw all the classics courtesy of the school's film society. A packed auditorium and so much fun. I saw Greed and Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Casablanca, of course. It led me to my wonderful film professor and courses in Italian Neo-Realism and Billy Wilder. When I went to school in London in 75-76 there was a Charlie Chaplin Film Festival with newly refurbished black and white prints of all his films, including the shorts. I could never get anyone to go with me, so I went myself, walking across the bridge in the elegant melancholy of twilight and falling in love with the little tramp. I went the night before Charlie Chaplin came with Queen Elizabeth. Arggh! And in Savannah, at last year's film festival they ran Chaplin shorts with a live pianist in a wonderful old brick building in the Trustees Garden. I took a young friend, and introduced him to the world of silents. And then there's this--

So, there are small pockets of resistance, and I do believe that everything old is new again. The time will come again. :)


John Arends

I'm with Diane on this one. The pockets of resistance may be small, but the intensity of the passion, and the quality of the conversations are reward enough!

My father-in-law is a retired musicologist, who always had around the house several recreations of the original instruments -- viola de gambas, et al. -- that he'd play with his close circle of like-minded pals. He relished those evenings, when the talk would stretch into the early morning hours...

...just like you see at the film fests, like Austin. last hopeful note on the "everything old is new again" front: Analog music still has a passionate following among the newly minted adult generation. When my oldest daughter, Kate, moved out of the house, she absconded my old turntable and milk carton full of LPs. It's heartening to read her blog from Minneapolis, about listening to Billie Holiday in the background as she clicks away at the keyboard...

Small but mighty gifts, indeed!


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