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March 01, 2010


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My father probably played there. He was a jazz musician, back in the days when they often drove themselves in cars.


I can't believe the Aragon is still functioning as a music venue. I saw a few shows there as a teenager. It's great that it's still there. In all its decadent glory, I assume. A friend of mine (as a teenager) went to the Sly concert in Grant Park and was beat up by a group of other teenagers and put in the hospital. He was white, they were black. He recovered. The bad old days. The irony is Sly promoted racial harmony with his multi-racial group. But things turned ugly.


For those with an interest in the venues and dance bands of Chicago from 1900-1960 I would like to recommend the book " A Toddlin' Town" by Sengstock. The author provides great detail of the music business as it relates to the great entertainment acts of the era.

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