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February 26, 2010


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The intelligent ladybug. I love it. I wonder what cache of wisdom resides within that tiny frame? Please ask Natalie how one goes about obtaining a consultation...

Marguerite Horberg

what a girl !


Lovely. You have another artist in the family.

Elsita :)

Natalie is amazing, you guys should see the hundreds of artworks that she produces A WEEK! We have to get new boxes of paper for her often because she fills them out with her imagination so fast.

Yesterday she told me: Mom, I love art. Yes, I love art as much as I love madelaines :) And it's true that she LOVE madelaines so much, as much as she loves art :) Below is a link to madelaines.

margaret Oomen

i love natalie's art as much as i love her mother's art
and I love her mother's art as much as I love whiskers on kittens


I love Natalie's art - it is so fresh and full of insight! Your whole family is so inspiring - thank you for being so generous and sharing with all of us!

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