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February 03, 2010


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The tall girl with the three girls reminds me of my friend June. Beautiful smile and great in track.

The ladies in the one piece swim suits remind me of my Aunt Betty.

The military man reminds me of a brother and his wife.

The couple top left reminds me of my grandparents.

The man with the vintage car reminds me of a road trip to Idaho with 9 people in the car to visit grandparents.

The little girl in the red dress reminds me of walking to church on Sundays and stopping by a Great Uncle and Great-Aunt's store on the way home to visit. They lived inside their store in the back.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Janet M

People have an intrinsic love of stories and I (hope) think that this will continue into the digital age. The old couple in the first picture: are they going to church? was it a special day? are they going to be murdered by deranged killers? abducted by aliens? are they aliens posing as humans? I always want to know what comes next, what is the rest of the story. It was great fun trying to imagine the lives of these mysterious strangers.


Thanks for posting these. They're useful for thinking about the kind of stories I like. For those of you in Chicago, there is a photograph exhibit opening at the Art Institute on Feb. 6 showing the influence of vernacular photography on well-known photographers, including Walker Evans, Andy Warhol, Lee Friedlander,Cindy Sherman, et. al.


It's really awsome , I cant wait to see that!

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