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January 19, 2010


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"So make it one for my baby, and one more for the road". Ah, Johnny Mercer. I am in Savannah and he is our hometown boy. Fortunately for me, there are lots of chances to hear his music here.


I never knew who he was, but I knew the song!

Chicago Observer

Have you had a chance to view the phenomenal, beautiful documentary of Johnny Mercer's life and works produced by Clint Eastwood, "The Dream's on Me"? And speaking of music greats, there exists a terrific biography of Gordon Jenkins written by his son Bruce Jenkins, Goodbye: In Search of Gordon Jenkins. And you can hear Harry Nilsson sing songs arranged by Gordon Jenkins (w/the orchestra directed by Gordon Jenkins!, on the CD A Little Touch of Schmillson in the Night. Sigh....too marvelous for words....

Chicago Observer

P.S. Thanks to you and Elsa for always Ac-cen-tchu-ating the positive!

margaret Oomen

i have heard say that the first law of psychology is the second law of thermodynamics. It's all about entropy.

Sonic Producer

I totally agree with you. Doing something agaist the grain freeks some of the "herd" out. They are so stuck in routine that they can't see any further than the nose on their faces.

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