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January 15, 2010


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colleen (bcharmer)

Ooooh, I love the green one! Enjoy your sroller-less mini!

Snippety Gibbet

That would be the coolest thing to drive around in one of those! I prefer the pink one with the bubble. jan


Hey! I also have a mini...06.....vintage!!! LOL!!!!!!


Oh, did you really get a Mini? That's the car I always drive around my secret life of Walter Mitty.


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i like this part of the blog:"Unfortunately, the Kustom Kars of George Barris Industries that defined the automoblie culture of the Southland in the 1960's are no longer in vogue, so this mean surfing machine might be found in a Hot Wheels toy set but probably not cruising the streets of Los Angeles today." is very good, you should add some pictures....

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What a fabulous car designs! I love this kind of creative and originals car designs, due to the fact I have been fanatic of Hot Wheels since I was eight. I know they normally look a little bit extravagant, but I like the originality.

Stelle Courney

That pink ride is the most attractive for me. I'd love to see your Mini Coop! My son is currently hooked to Hot Wheels, and I bet he'll love your post.

Carson Wininger

I want to see a car show that features these vehicles exclusively! I hope there will be an event like that. I'm fascinated with classic and vintage cars. Seeing them in person would satisfy me. Your hot rods are awesome, btw!

Gerald Reeves

That pink car is kind of cute! My niece will love that if she sees it. =) And that green car, on the other hand, is a good match for your Halloween costume party. The artificial cob webs and the color gave it a creepier look. And that is my favorite car among these three!

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