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December 02, 2009


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Those portraits were a very familiar sight on the magazines and newspapers I read growing up in Romania. It was 20 years ago this December that everything happened and I remembered it vividly, but somehow it seems it happened in another life time.


This book must be a complete horror to those who lived through the regime. Your story bears a slight resemblance to our last days in Indonesia when we were driving in front of President Sukarno's palace. We were all too terrified to speak. Even at ages 5, 7, and 9, my sisters and I knew to keep silent. Three years later in The Netherlands, we watched the news footage of President Sukarno fleeing the palace in his pajamas. Oh how the mighty fell.

colleen (bcharmer)

That is fascinating.

margaret Oomen

Strange but very interesting. I had a long talk with an couple in their 80's that immigrated from Romania in the 50's.


It is horror, indeed. The most frightening thing about these images is the exulting joy they express, while we all know (at least from movies) what oppression is and how the collective fear works. I remember having school books with plenty pictures of this kind. I'm Romanian, of course.

But congratulations for your work and the stories on this blog! :)

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