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November 27, 2009


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I would have to say that he is my favourite actor - turns in one great performance after another!

Elsita :)

I have always loved him! Great actor and wonderful person.
Elsi :)

John Arends

The Variety review of the soon-to-open INVICTUS lauds this very quality: "...most of Damon's screen time is spent in training or on the field, and it's meant as highest praise to say that, if he weren't a recognizable film star, you'd never think he were anything other than a South African rugby player. Beefed up a bit (or, perhaps more accurately, slimmed down somewhat from "The Informant!") and employing, at least to an outsider's ear, an impeccable accent, Damon blends in beautifully with his fellow players."

Beyond this, his charitable work in bringing new fresh water wells to villages in Africa is grounded in the same authentic commitment he brings to his roles as an actor.



Yes, and he gave Jason Bourne depth--especially in the first one. The second one is known to me privately as 'The Bourne Stupidity'. It became that when they killed off Franka Potente in the first 2 minutes. I loved her strong, non-glamourous character. I loved their relationship. I wanted to walk out and get my money back. I didn't, but I should have.

Ha- it still pisses me off! I felt that Matt Damon should have realized what was so special about the first one, and fought for her--but, hey, I don't know the whole behind-the-scenes story, to be sure. And he is a wonderful actor. So I will chalk it up to a temporary lack of sanity, probably caused by pressure from the money men to keep his public profile up and have a hit, after a few less than stellar box office outings. He can play the lead, do character work and play convincing second fiddle, as in the Oceans films.

Twilight and Sex in the City have shown that women have clout at the box office. We don't only get dragged along with our boyfriends to action movies. We go on our own without them and we are an audience to make films for. That makes me happy. Maybe next time around Franka won't have to die.

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Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel?
is the whole feud between matt damon and jimmy kimmel (and Guillermo) all real???
or are parts of it fake? or is ALL of it fake?

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