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November 23, 2009


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Hey I live in Fresno!! Just wondering what made Diego want to visit? Love all the blogs your family does.

Snippety Gibbet

Hehehehe.....I got some good giggles out of that. My favorite was the Fresno one. What a hoot. jan

Marguerite Horberg

i think he was saying I want you to freshen up and let's go - shorthand

margaret Oomen

Hey, I want a glass like a christmas tree.
How cool is that:)

Alex mora

Diego reminds me of Alex so much!!!
I am going to start writing his phrases too.
love, Evelyn :0)

Elsita :)

Oh Billy!
Diego is the funniest!
Today in the car he said:
Moooomy, can I be a star? A shiny little start up in the sky to the supermarket?
And then later when we were driving home he said: Moooomy, Can we get some candy bars into the car to the supermarket ?

He was definitely thinking a lot about the supermarket.

I have to write all these things now for the future!
Elsi :)


He's so cute and funny and sweet!!

Yes Elsa, make sure you write those things down. You'll be so happy that you did.

I wish I would of wrote down more of the things both my children have said. I found
one thing my son said, while going through
some things to prepare for our move. I had
thought to myself why didn't I write down
more. I didn't remember that he said that
and it was especially nice to have found his sweet words he said to me. He made it
though his cancer treatment and op and now
has a new job. So things are looking up!!

You've sparked my interest and I think I"ll
see if some of Art's books are at the library. Wow, 97 years old!! Awesome!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!


So nice to now know about your blog, and I love this post. Can't wait to hear more brilliant comic malaprops...THANKS for breakfast! Xo, Bonnie

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