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October 16, 2009


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Helluva town:


Here's my pastiche for the Willy Schermelé:

"Your style is generic
Mine's authentic made
I roll like a renegade
You need clinic aid
My technique's bizarre an' ill
I scar and kill
You were a star until I served you like a bar and grill
Now I proceed to cook and grill ya
That's all it took to kill ya
You better recognize me like i look familiar..."

-Eminiem (from "8 Mile: Chin-Tiki Parking Lot Rap")

It struck me as funny to think that these wee forest folk might be throwin' down some freestyle battle rap, and the little guy with the accordion clearly rolls like a renegade, right?

william horberg

Ha! So funny that you picked that lyric. I don't know if I told you but when I was in Iran this year, Annette Bening and I were approached on the central square in Isfahan by a couple of Persian twenty-somethings with a friendly attitude but limited English. The one thing they really wanted us to explain to them was the meaning of "roll like a renegade"! Nice to know some things are universal! I'll try to find an appropriate layout and post your postmodern pastiche!

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