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October 19, 2009


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margie oomen

Looks like a great family outing.
I love taking my family to some of the oldest deli's In Montreal when we visit and am so happy i did because our old family favorite exists only in our memories now. When we sat at Ben's I would tell the chlldren that Leonard Cohen and Pierre Trudeau may have sat in that very same seat. It was in operation for 98 years!!
This place should have been saved!


This reminds me of Manny's Deli in Chicago. I suppose it's just because of the cafeteria style. You don't see that many anymore. I remember eating at one cafeteria style restaurant with my mother every now and then when she did her shopping. I treasure those outings with her.

Marguerite Horberg

wow- way cool. mom is blogging about manny's and you - clifton's - and the other day i was on milwaukee avenue trying to remember which building used to house f and w - and here's a sigh for the old national on van buren - wonder how many cafeterias still live on


I like how you are able to create wonderful historic outings right in your own back yard. I hope they hang in for a long long time. Feeding the hungry is more important than ever.

I'm crazy for that first image!

william horberg

If you go to the Clifton's link and visit their website they have lots of vintage postcards and other images of the restaurant there. Makes me sad that I never got to see the Pacific Seas site, which looks amazing, but it closed when I was 1 years old!

Elsita :)

Billy, I am so glad that you took us to that wonderful place.
It was a very special experience. I felt as if we were in another time, everything was so authentic and the people were so colorful. I would love to go back :)
Elsi :)

colleen (bcharmer)

What a fun family excursion! It was fun for me to hear about it, and I especially loved the picture of the "old timer."


Gah. I love it! And the web site is fabulous, too. My mom used to take us to the Automat in NYC. I loved all those little dishes of food behind glass doors. Later in the 70's they tried to refurbish it, and bring it back as a cool concept. I went and still loved it, but nobody else did and they closed.

I just stumbled on this good Chicago site-mostly architecture. But good.

Ana Isabel Tavares-Fesmire

thanks for posting that, very interesting, I am researching all the Old cali fun spots, My husband and I are radio jocks Who do a show together (can you imagine such lunacy) LOL We are awaiting Work there in L.A. waiting on some politics to be sorted out and praying it will be for my unemployment..RUNS OUT, so when I am wanting to expell some postitive energy and trying to manifest the Job, I look for odd Fun things about S.Cal to pass my anticipation laced time :)


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