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October 21, 2009


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My grandfather, William, emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1891 and saw Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show featuring Annie Oakley. In the 50's when he saw the TV series featuring Gail Davis, he commented that "She looks better on television than she did in person". Thanks for jogging my memory with your post.

colleen (bcharmer)

Maybe you need a "plume de nome" Bill, just for intrigue!


I'll vote for "Hollywood Bill" and then you can put on a Wild West Show of your own. Who would star as you?

Janet M

I love your comment, an analog story in a digital universe. What is the future of digital storytelling, oh yeah, a hero is on a quest to find the magic object that makes him king and rights the universe. We re-interpret the past through the lens of the present, I think that there is still something to be told through a western tale. The trick is to make it relevant to the viewer.


While the trope of the heroes journey has its place in the digital storytelling universe, I'm not sure if the Western will make a comeback. In a world where the internet and Netflix and Tivo and video on demand make so much content available on line or at home, the question of "what's going to put asses in seats?' looms larger than ever. The answer right now seems to be 3-D, Spectacle, and Horror and Comedy genre stories that audiences still enjoy collectively. I hope someone comes along and reinvents the myths and heroes of the West, but the modern sensibility which prizes noise and effects over humanity, moral ambiguity and soul, make me skeptical. The Man Who Shot Liberty Vampire, anyone?

Janet M

I've thought quite a bit about your last reply, and you are probably right. I was reminded of Joss Whedon's "Firefly", which was a strongly written sci-fi western that had a lot of ambiguity, but an essential core of decency that ran through the characters. It lasted one season. His current titilation series "Dollhouse" is in it's second season, and I think that says something about the marketplace.
I enjoy both mass market escapist fare, and more thoughtful movies. It's too bad that there is not room for both and that the 18-35 teenage boy demographic rules. I'm not looking forward to "Saw vs. Transformers".

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This is such a fabulously intriguing idea, these books that will never be written. And now I so want to read them all, mostly due to your skill with evocative covers. I look at them and feel the story within. Or the story that could be within. I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you...

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