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September 16, 2009


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The scene with he old man loading up his cart with turkeys is a Herzog scene I will never forget. I can't remember which film it was. The one with the trailer! And the trailer being taken away. And the dreams of America. It rang so true. And the wonderful faces of Bruno Ganz and that little old man.
I saw it only once, when it first came out, and I can still remember the feeling of witnessing something so precious and true and profound. Very moving. It's bits and pieces have stayed with me, and the feeling of privilege to be sitting in that nearly empty theater in the company of this film. There is that saying floating around now which says something to the effect that people do not remember the facts, but how you made them feel. It is true for me, of this film, whose name and majority of scenes I cannot remember. The feeling of being completely filled and grounded and amazed by this film comes back to me now, the same as then. Maybe that's the best thing, after all.


My good friend Michael Weinstein reminded me that he took those photos of Herzog and Fuller back when he was at the University of Michigan and our mutual friend Lony Rhumann was running the Film Society there. Thanks Michael. Credit where credit is due! At least I got the year right. And I did see those two Film Gods speak at the Art Institute. Along with Michael Powell who came once for a screening of The Red Shoes!

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