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August 03, 2009


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You are brave to explore the darker side of art. And film.

I am afraid of that darker side you see. It stands in direct contrast to what I photograph. I like to capture light.

Yet it fascinates me too. So much food for thought here.


I like James Ensor. Tony Oursler is a contemporary artist who uses horror. His video installation at the Met was one of the most frightening things I've ever seen:

Francis Bacon work dabbles in horror, especially this:

Unfortunately, it does not reproduce well. I find it interesting that he describes the making of this painting as being so unintentional, floating up from his subconscious--because that's so close to what horror is--our fears manifesting themselves through dreams.

And one of the last photographs of Diane Arbus looks like a descendant of Ensor:

I took a photography class with the photographer Gary Winogrand. He knew Diane Arbus and thought that this photograph showed that her work was moving in a new direction because the subjects were in motion. She usually worked in a still straight on portrait style. He said this was one of her last photographs before her suicide. It's as if these dark troupe of spirits that inhabited her vision were calling to her to join them, and she did.

I love Elsa's early paintings that are on her site, tinged with horror and surrealism, and making the inside, outside.

Oh boy, early in the morning. No coffee yet, and you have inspired all this THINKING. :)


Thanks for turning me on to a new artist!



On the lighter side:

The audio slideshow of the house is wonderful.

margaret Oomen

i love that first painting very much. It would go well with elsita's show laboratory in september

Elsita :)

Thank you Billy for introducing us to this artist, there is something about his paintings that reminds me of the way I saw scary things as a child. On the other hand I always wonder why horror movies are so popular now...I really can't wait to see Don't be Afraid of the Dark.
Elsi :)

Snippety Gibbet

I remember sitting in Freshman Art History in college. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that art included such macabre pieces. Ensor and Bacon. They blew my mind. I remember not knowing what to make of their work, but I was extremely intrigued by it.

Colleen (bcharmer)

I'm afraid of human cruelty. It gets me every time.


The photo with the skeletons is strangely spectacular. Don't be Afraid of the Dark is a great movie title. I've always wondered what it would be like to work on a horror movie. Is it as scary as one might think?

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