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August 21, 2009


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Janet M

Too cute! I love the story of the wombat, perhaps he just needed some martial arts training.

margaret Oomen

I think he might want to return home with you to live in the jungle of LA :)
beautiful smile miss Natalie

Elsita :)

Sooooo cute Billy!
I am so happy that Natalie is getting to experience so many special things in Australia. She deserves everything :)


Great stuff! I think Australia has the cutest animals in the world. Koalas definitely win the prize, with wombats in close second!

Diego and I are loving these posts starring Natalie. You'll love this: he listened intently to the whole post, very interested in the whole story, and by the end he only had one question, "What's a rainstorm?" How sad! Such an LA child!


The koala is wonderful of course but seven rainbows? That is pretty miraculous!

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Koala bear is too cute!!!It just looks like a teddy bear doll!!!

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Awesome koala bear and its too cute!

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