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July 27, 2009


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I hope you tried some one way fish and lobster!

John Arends

I've many trips to Ireland under my belt, shepherding two daughters through the Irish dancing world...and got my chops at driving on the left during those years by making up "sing-and-drive" diddies with the girls. One of their faves was a tune, set to the "Lone Ranger" theme music..."To the left, to the left, to the left left left..." We made it through 9 trips in 6 years without a scratch. The closest, and scariest calls, however, were pulling out into traffic or stepping off the curb...after looking the wrong way first to check for oncomers. your step, too, William!


I can't tell you how bummed I am about the Promised Land. I couldn't wait to get there! What do you think happened? Over leveraged? Bankrupt? Couldn't get a piece of the bailout? What a shame. Such a great merchandising opportunity. Hopefully someone will resurrect it.

Janet M

I was reminded of the first time I was in England. I went out early in the morning, unlocked the left side door, jumped in and thought "Who stole the steering wheel?"

margaret Oomen

I think that promised land road was bought and moved to Hollywood.
Really isn't there only one way to have lobster and fish : FRESH!!


I love the Promised Land sign. Reminds me of driving past a Dry Cleaners and seeing this image:

(Play Golf Free while having your suit pressed)

Andrea Kirsh

As long as the land of possibilities always remains open!

Elsita :)

Billy, I love this post so much! You made me laugh!
I love all the signs, so much fun :)
Steve and Jo just left, we had a great time talking over here. Tthe kids love them. They didn't want to go to bed because they were playing with Jo.
Elsi :)

Snippety Gibbet

Hehehehehe. Good one! jan

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