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July 29, 2009


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If Weir is your film muse , if only via this location, you will not have much to worry about.

"Picnic" remains eerie to this day, those girls in their light summer dresses climbing through the rocks shiver making even now


Yes, and the 18 hour days.

Elsita :)

Thank you for the pictures Billy!
The trailers and this location remind me of Romania at night when you were working on Cold Mountain. It must be hard with the low temperatures over there. I am glad that you got the new boots. I can't really wait to see what this movie will be, it is amazing how hard is to create magic in movies, behind the magic there is always a little bit of hell :o
Elsi :)

colleen (bcharmer)

I especially love the "wiggle" shot at the end. It captures the early morning action!

Caitlin O'Connor

"Picnic" was the first movie I can remember being taken to see at the local drive-in - it scared the poop outta me back then and still does today!

I hear ya on the cold - brrrr!

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