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July 14, 2009


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Janet M

Sounds like a way cool project!


Wow, Melbourne! I bet your family
misses you a lot!

I like Kathie Holmes. We really
enjoyed watching Dawson's Creek.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Snippety Gibbet

Ah ha! When I read Elsa's post about you working in Australia, I wondered what new project you were working on. Though I saw somewhere that Katie Holmes was down there, I didn't put two and two together.

Good luck on this project. It would be interesting to see how such a thing would be filmed. > jan

Andrea Kirsh

OMG! This movie which was one of the most memorable made for TV movies of my childhood rendered a pretty fearless girl a bumbling mess, checking every dark corner and never wanting to put my head under the water in the bath again! Every time I heard the name Kim Darby thereafter I also heard the echo goblins scattng. Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black (around the same time) also featured a tiny rabid creature. As every thing cycles I guess the demonic troll, goblins and nomes are making a comeback!


Another great experience for you and we are all so lucky that you share it with us! Thanks!

John Arends

Good luck on the shoot, William, and thanks in advance for the updates to come. I expect reviews of an Aussie blues club or two, and if the pizza down under is worthy of the name.

Also, lemme know if the crew needs a pick-me up and we can airlift some Portillo's your way as well.

Have a blast!

Elsita :)

Yay Billy!
I can't wait! We miss you!!!
La familia :)

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