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June 18, 2009


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Marguerite Horberg

sounds like you should produce it as an animated film and get into publishing old comics as a side biz

Elsita :)

I would love to see an animated movie with this story, how beautiful!
And the illustrations are so great!


wow i wish i could read it, only to find out why she would battle a bug then paint it. What a mystery!


What a beautiful idea... a matchbox full of tiny dreams that turn a sad boy into an artist! Is the text as magical as the illustrations? Please tell us more of the story!


PICCOLI! I missed her so much!


Piccoli was my all time favorite book when I was a little girl. When my children were little I asked my mother if I could have the book to read to them. I didn't know until about four years ago that it was rare. Because I loved it so much, mine is tattered and has no dust jacket. It is a wonderful, wonderful book

celebrity videos

My tutto pilloco!

Pilar Pangkasank

I read this book when I was 9, I am 40, and havent been able to find this book, It has been My FAVORITE!!!!!!! Were can I buy it?????

Elizabeth Romaine

It was also a recording - that's how I came to love Piccoli. I still have the record. The narrator was Siobhan Mckenna - the great Irish actress. The reason Miss P. and "Cocky" became friends is that she fought him and won! :) She stuck him with a needle and it stayed in his back and it became the envy of all the other cockroaches. Miss P. then did him the favor of painting him so he'd be even MORE a hit. Plus she had a whistle that if she ever needed his assistance she could blow it and he would come in the blink of an eye. He kept his word.

Marie Munley

I read this book as a child and have been looking for this book for many, many years. Where can I buy a copy?

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